Public Hearing – Request for Certificate of Appropriateness for 3706 Nakoma Rd

Monday, July 11, 2022
City of Madison Landmarks Commission

3706 Nakoma Rd – Land Division of a Designated Madison Landmark site
(Old Spring Hotel); 10th Ald. Dist.

Application materials and public comment registration list

A motion was made by Arnesen, seconded by Harris, to Approve the request
for the Certificate of Appropriateness for the land division with the conditions
that the landmark designation remain on the newly configured lots and the
applicant submit an archaeological monitoring report for an excavation of the
buildable area on the proposed western lot/parcel. The Commission found that
the proposed lot sizes are compatible with adjacent lot sizes and retaining the
landmark designation on the western lot will ensure preservation of the
historic structure on the eastern lot by allowing for review of potential adverse
impacts of the new construction on the historic structure. The motion passed by
the following vote:

Ayes: 3 – Molly S. Harris; Richard B. Arnesen and Katherine N. Kaliszewski
Noes: 2 – William Tishler and Maurice D. Taylor
Excused: 2 – David W.J. McLean and Edna Ely-Ledesma

Meeting Minutes